beds for elderly dogs

Beds For Elderly Dogs

Beds For Elderly Dogs

A place to rest their head, extra support for arthritic bones and a little extra TLC – dogs need all of these things as they grow old. Being aware of the issues they face and what you can do to help, will make their twilight years a happy time for both of you.

An orthopaedic bed with a memory foam mattress will support their joints by moulding itself around them, helping with blood circulation. Problems such as hip dysplasia often show themselves in middle age, so even if you don’t consider your dog to be elderly, it may be worthwhile investing in this type of bed.


Luxury beds

A self-heating bed has metallised insulation below the lining and ‘reflects’ your pet’s body heat back for extra warmth. Covered with a sheepskin or fleece outer layer, your dog will love you all winter long!

Hard floors are very popular with many home-owners and particularly with pet owners, but would you want to sleep on one? An elevated bed keeps your dog away from a cold floor.

One of the most important considerations is the material used to make the bed and mattress. You can buy alpaca fibre and soft fleece fillings, but it’s also important to think about practicality, so zip-off covers should be a priority to maintain hygiene.

A comfortable place to sleep is important for dogs of all ages, but particularly so for those in their later years.

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