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With the Tokyo 2021 Olympics only a few months away, and the British Government urging the public to get fit after over a year in lockdown, we are looking at how professional athletes are using CBD in their fitness routines and how CBD could potentially benefit our own workouts. We’ll see how they use CBD in their lifestyle to potentially aid recovery, ease muscle pain  and improve sleep so they are performing at their optimal level for when they can compete again.


Why Recovery Is Important

When it comes to training at an elite level, athletes have to consider each step of their routine to ensure they are at their optimal performance when it comes to competing. One part of this will be their physical training and workouts, but another important component is their recovery. 

The recovery stage post-workout isn’t just about replenish your energy supplies. According to World Athletics, the recovery stage after a workout helps the fibres in the body to repair and produce new blood cells. It ultimately allows your body to grow physically stronger and fitter. 

Whether you are an athlete, or just enjoy working out, it’s crucial that you give your body the time to rest and recuperate from your exercise


How Athletes Are Incorporating CBD Into Their Routines

One common way that athletes aid their recovery is through a post-workout smoothie or protein shake. The intake in protein is shown to aid muscle recovery and encourage muscle growth. It’s also recommended that you take a protein shake/smoothie or something containing carbohydrates  within 20 minutes of finishing your workout.

Over recent years, CBD products have evolved to help people on-the-go, so athletes can also potentially benefit from easing sore muscles with roll-on CBD muscle rubs and muscle gels. This is a convenient way of athletes to ease their tired muscles straight away after training and is more handy for throwing into bags than CBD oil drops.

When CBD is taken topically (through the skin) it is absorbed through the pores in our skin and works with our Endocannabinoid System – which is responsible for regulating our internal bodily functions. When it comes to easing sore muscles, the CBD works with our ECS to potentially reduce pain and reduce inflammation in the targeted muscles.

This can work alongside the protein powders to help avoid potential injuries and speed up muscle recovery. This particular muscle gel isn’t just for athletes – you can read Robert’s story here on how he used the CBD muscle gel to help him where prescription pain medication never could.

A popular brand of the CBD roll-on gels for post-workout relief is Fit Freeze CBD. Formulated with natural CBD and no THC, this non-greasy formula rolls onto the skin and absorbs quickly into the body. This has become a training-bag staple for many professional athletes including cross fitters, gym goers, sports players and people who enjoy a highly active lifestyle.

You can shop the Fit Freeze Roll-On Gel online and at our Naturally North CBD store.

Another recommended way of aiding recovery for athletes is a good night’s sleep. It sounds simple, but having a restful sleep routine can make a huge difference to an athlete’s performance. Our body uses the time we are sleeping to repair and recuperate both physically and mentally – resting our muscles and our mind from the work we have done.

Early research is already showing promising signs of how CBD oil can potentially help people achieve a consistently deep and restful sleep. CBD can help many people beyond the athletic world when it comes to improving sleep including people who struggle with their mental health, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can read more about how CBD could potentially help your mental health here and also our most recent blog post on how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected our sleep here.


Proudly Sponsoring Local North East Talent

At Naturally North CBD, we are proud sponsors of two local professional boxers based here in the North East of England – Jordan Barker and Anthony Ornsby. They have been using our CBD protein powders, muscle gels and CBD night tincture oil in their workout routines as they gear up for boxing matches finally returning.

You can shop their featured products below:

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If you’re looking to incorporate CBD into your fitness routine, drop by our store or give us a call on 0191 284 0407 and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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