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Decorating any room can be tough, but the children’s rooms present a unique challenge. Being practical whilst creating a fun environment can seem like a delicate balancing act. And childproofing adds additional complexity to the process. The list of things to do can seem insurmountable. There’s a lot to do. But what about things to avoid doing? In this post, we are going to share three things to not do when decorating a child’s bedroom. We can’t guarantee this will make your to-do list any shorter, but it will help create an amazing bedroom.


Don’t Use Too Much Furniture

Floor space is a very valuable asset for a child. Playing with blocks and toy cars requires space. Unfortunately, just as they require space to play all the toys require storage resulting in that valuable floor space been eaten up by furniture and storage. Avoid this with creative storage solutions. Under-bed or even cabin bed storage are great solutions. This way you can have the floor space to lay with Lego and the storage space to put it away. If storage isn’t an issue and it’s simply a debate about whether the furniture would enhance the room more than taking up space would detract from it – opt for space over the furniture. Less is more after all.


Don’t Follow Trends

What is the trend of the month? A new Disney movie? A cartoon? It can be tempting to go all out with the trend, but the problem is trends change. This can leave you with wallpaper of something your child no longer likes just weeks after decorating. Try to avoid leaning too heavily into trends and character themes, especially in areas that require work to change like wallpapering. Limiting these trends to bedding is a safer bet. It can be tempting to stretch this to curtains too, but you are best investing in made to measure curtains which are going to last (far longer than the latest fad). If you feel that the room still needs a splash of Frozen or Minions; posters, canvases and even wall stickers are a good option. They still cost to replace when the next trend rolls around or your child outgrows them but they’re far more practical and less labour intensive than repapering the walls.


Don’t Overlook Flooring Options

When decorating a child’s room there’s plenty to think about. Furniture and walls tend to get a lot of attention but that can lead to overlooking flooring. Your choice of flooring matters a lot. Not only does it change the look and feel of a room, but different flooring types offer different practical benefits. For example, the carpet is going to offer some soundproofing and a comfier surface for your child to move around on. But that comes with some drawbacks – like cleaning up spills. It is easier to mop up a spill on laminate than to draw a stain out of the carpet. Ultimately the choice is yours but doesn’t wait until you’ve moved all the furniture into the room to decide you want to swap out the carpet. Keep the flooring in mind from the outset. It’s an integral part of the room’s design.


Sure, there are lots of things to consider when decorating a child’s room, but it is worth getting right. Whilst these three tips were of things not to do it may feel like you’ve got more to do or at least more considerations to make. Designing and decorating any room is time and labour intensive. But it is worth having an outline of what to do (and what not to do) so you can sit back with pride once it is all done. 

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