Embrace The Curls

Embrace The Curls

Embrace The Curls

Whether your hair is wavy, coiled or curly, our top tips will help you achieve soft, frizz-free locks.

Switch to sulphate-free

Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and the like can be very drying and strip your hair of its natural oils. Switch to a gentle shampoo that’s free from sulphates or silicones. Or, if your hair is very curly, you might want to skip shampoo altogether and just wash with conditioner. Ideally, aim to wash your hair every three to seven days. Follow each wash with a leave-in conditioner spray.

Use a hair mask

Curly hair is prone to dryness, so you’ll want to deep condition your hair once a week to add moisture. Massage a generous amount of a thick conditioner into your hair. Cover with a shower cap or plastic bag and leave for at least 30 minutes before rinsing out.

Don’t throw out your rice water

Cooked some rice? Leave the water to cool and then pour it over your hair. Yes, really. Pop a shower cap over the top and leave it to sit for half an hour before rinsing. Follow with a conditioning treatment. Rice water is rich in proteins, amino acids and other nutrients, so it can help to strengthen and moisturise your hair.

Go cold

A blast of cold water at the end of your shower is never pleasant, but it will help your hair cuticles to lie flat, which makes your hair look sleeker and shinier.

Ditch the towel

Towel-drying your hair is a recipe for frizz. Use an old T-shirt instead and scrunch your hair rather than rubbing it.

Don’t brush

Brushing hair can lead to damage and frizz. Instead, just lightly comb your hair with your fingers. If it does get tangled, slather it in conditioner and use a wide toothed comb to work out the knots.

Use a curl cream

Look for a styling cream designed for curly hair. Amika Curl Corps Defining Cream (£20, www.cultbeauty.co.uk) is a good choice for silky soft curls. It’s lightweight, so it won’t weigh your hair down. Oat peptides help to lock moisture in. And, unlike mousse, it won’t leave your hair feeling sticky or crunchy.

Air dry

If you have time, leave your hair to dry naturally. Otherwise, use a hairdryer with a diffuser, but choose the lowest heat setting.

Swap your pillowcase

The easiest thing you can do to prevent frizz is switch to a silk pillowcase. Unlike cotton, it doesn’t absorb moisture and your hair will glide over it rather than rub against it. Yes, a silk pillowcase seems like a luxury, but if you look after it, you’ll reap the benefits for years. See www.pillowboxed.com.


There are so many different curl types. What works for one person might not work for you. So, you will have to experiment to find the exact routine and products that give you those beautiful bouncy curls you’re craving.

Kevin Spowart
Author: Kevin Spowart

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