How to Get First Aid Certification

Nina Irish Dionisio

2022-05-10 21:00:00

More and more people are recognizing the importance of first aid in everyday life. Emergencies can happen, and when it does, it can be the most panicking situation when one is not ready to handle the crisis. While first aid training and certification is required for people working as first aiders, an increasing number from the public have qualified themselves to handle medical emergencies through first aid certification.

First aid certification may sound simple, but it is a careful process of learning and training. Undeniably, first aid involves “saving a life” and therefore must be provided by a person equipped to do so. A first aid certification ensures that the person giving the first aid has undergone proper learning and training, and has met first aid certification standards.

What’s the first step in getting first aid certification?

As pointed out, persons who want to be qualified to give first aid will need the proper training. There are many first aid training institutions offering first aid courses, and even the American Red Cross chapter in your area provides first aid training programs. The training equips a student with the necessary skills and knowledge for first aid, and upon successful completion of the course, a first aid certification is given.

First aid certification requirements vary considerably not only in every state, but also sometimes even within one’s local state, from one county to the next. The majority of first aid certification boards, as well as governing bodies have unknowable and at times arbitrary first aid standards. Thus, it is suggested that one checks with their local state or municipal regulations to make sure that the program and certification you’re about to take is approved for you’re particular need.

How long will the first aid certification be valid?

Generally the certification will be valid for two years, but accepted standards dictate that every student must re-certify every twelve months because of regular changes in protocols and procedures based on “updated” clinical knowledge. Re-certification ensures that one will be able to provide much better first aid procedures, as well as be knowledgeable in the latest protocols for medical emergencies.

If you want to find a qualified institution to provide you the first aid training and certification, you can call your American Red Cross chapter to find a certified first aid training institution in your area.

Whether you’re aiming to be a first aider or simply wanting to be ready when an urgent medical situation arises, a first aid certification will not only qualify you for the task, but also guarantees that you have what it takes to save a life anytime and anywhere.

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