Medical Package for Feline Survival

Nina Irish Dionisio

2022-04-07 09:00:00

If your Figaro or any of your feline pets are in need of help, it is important to have a first hand medication before turning your pet over to a veterinarian. It may be helpful, if not imperative, to have a first aid kit; not only for you and for other humans you live with, but for your pet cat as well.

A portable clean container can be used to store the first aid supplies. The supplies that can be placed inside the container may include cotton balls or swabs, adhesive tape, ice pack, and a pair of tweezers. You may also include a rectal thermometer, exam gloves, blunt-tipped scissors, antihistamine bottle, a box or pack of baking soda, towel and blanket. The last two should have a size suited for use to a cat and enough to be included in a first aid kit.

The size of the cat first aid kit may depend on the number of supplies that are necessary to be included in the kit. However, it must be portable to permit convenience when you want to travel with your kitty.

Moreover, it would be helpful to include in the cat first aid kit the medical records of your pet cat and its vaccination status. Phone numbers of a veterinarian, veterinary clinics and poison control center can also tucked in a first aid kit for cat. Gathering the phone numbers can be of great help during feline emergency particularly if it involves snake bite, bruising or poison.

Aside from the medical supplies and needed stuffs that can be used in times of feline emergency, it may also be important to bring a cat first-aid handbook. This can give you a guide on the proper procedure when your pet cat or any cat is caught on an accident.

Knowing the proper first aid procedure for treating a cat or a pet dog can be a helpful way for animal survival. It may be worth to learn the cat first aid procedure from a seminar or through posted information on the Internet. Various websites catered to feline pets may have included first aid procedures for cats.

You can consult a veterinarian with regards to feline first aid and the necessary materials for integration in a cat first aid kit. Preparation is definitely important if you want the best for your kitty. Don’t also forget to prepare your own first aid kit.

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