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It’s the time of year when many of us watch favourite films, and I’m no exception. I love an oldie, and this weekend I watched Pixar’s “Monsters Inc”. Still funny even after six or seven times. The basic concept is the Monster World is powered by the screams of children. Monsters enter the world of humans via a cupboard in a child’s bedroom, frighten the child, and capture the screams in a container.

The Monsters on the “Scream Floor” are celebrities. They are idolized. They are revered.

As we enter another year of uncertainty around Covid 19 restrictions, let’s give a thought to all those people who live with Monsters. The Monsters who go to work each day and, on their return, their families are walking on eggshells for fear of their violence.

The families who daren’t talk for fear of the verbal abuse they’ll receive from their Monster.

Think of the people who feel they have nobody to turn to because everyone around them has been fooled by the Monster. We all know who the Monsters are. We eat with them. We drink with them. We holiday with them. We say “good morning” as we turn a blind eye to the black eye. We close our ears to the noise on the other side of the living room wall.

My book, “Be Kind. No Excuses” is a guide for parents and teenagers to help them recognise the red-flag behaviours that are a precursor to abuse in intimate relationships. The intention is to teach our children what to look for. What is not acceptable. What they should stay away from. How to stay safe. The Mission is to make it difficult for an abuser to find their prey.

Here are some statistics from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) for England and Wales, 2018:

1.3 million women were victims of domestic abuse

685 000 men were victims of domestic abuse.

(Note: This is reported abuse. Obviously, we do not know the figures for unreported incidents.)

If “Be Kind. No Excuses” can reduce these numbers by just 0.5%, that’s almost 10 thousand people.


Imagine what we could do to those statistics if we got this book into the hands of every 14 year old? Every teacher? Every single professional who works with teenagers? How amazing!

Show this blog to people you know who work with teenagers. Share the b’jeeezuz out of it! Get the book for your children and grandchildren. Look at the reviews on Amazon. Do what you can to bring these outrageous statistics DOWN!

And let’s return to the Monster’s Scream Floor. It is discovered that the laughter of children is far more powerful a force than the screams. And that’s the Truth.

“BE Kind. No Excuses”. Available on Amazon – Rie Pearson.

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