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As the national lockdown restrictions in the UK continue to slowly ease, you might feel anxious or less confident being out in society and seeing people outside of your household or bubble. At Naturally North CBD, we stock a range of travel-friendly products that you can keep in your pocket or handbag so you can potentially keep calm and clear-headed as your life begins to unlock again. 

Take a look at our staff favourites for taking CBD on the go.


CBD Gummies

Our range of CBD Gummies are perfect for taking with you on the go and taking as and when you need to. The Orange County CBD Gummy Rings come in a handy sealed packet that you can throw in your handbag without encountering any mess! Their gummy rings are formulated with 200mg of award-winning CBD as well as being vegan-friendly and gluten-free. So you can experience the potential benefits of CBD during the day whilst you are on the move, meaning there is no waiting around to take your CBD oil on a night!

You can shop the Orange County CBD Gummy Rings here and shop our range of other CBD gummies and edibles here.


CBD Drinks

Over recent years, CBD has evolved beyond oil drops. Now people can access and take a range of products that are formulated with CBD, including hot and cold drinks. You can brew a cup of CBD-infused coffee and pour it into a flask to kick-start your morning or have a steaming mug of CBD tea to help you wind down at the end of your busy day. 

And for those on-the-go moments in between, we recommend taking a can of Trip sparkling drinks with you. The compact cans are spill-proof and are ready to crack open as and when you need some CBD whilst you are on the move.

You can shop their range here which includes refreshing Lemon Basil or Peach Ginger Mint – or you can opt for their cold coffee brew.


CBD Vapes

If you don’t favour CBD edibles, then CBD vapes are a popular option for whilst you are on the move. They combine the refreshing flavours of vapes with natural CBD so you can still experience the potential benefits of CBD all within a handy, portable vape pen. 

You can find our range of Favour Disposable Vape Pens on our website here. These vape pens are formulated with 200mg of CBD oil and 300mg MCT oil which helps the CBD enter the bloodstream more directly so you reap the potential benefits more efficiently and quickly.


CBD Hand Cream

As we are now more conscious of hygiene and washing, scrubbing and sanitising our hands multiple times a day, you might be experiencing dry skin on your hands. Early results from studies are already showing the potential benefits CBD can have when it comes to our skin. This is because of the hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties that can potentially help to soften the skin and counteract the dryness that we experience from consistent sanitising.

We stock a range of hand creams from Virtue and Green Stem that are handbag-friendly sizes for when your skin is feeling dehydrated. The combination of CBD and natural fragrances means you can nourish your hands whilst having a much more pleasant scent than alcohol hand sanitiser!

You can shop our range of CBD products on our website or drop by our Gosforth store. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all things CBD-related.

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