The best apps for gardening

The best apps for gardening

The best apps for gardening

Garden Answers

Available for both iOS and Android, Garden Answers is the most downloaded gardening app in the UK. It’s effectively Shazam for plants, enabling you to identify and get information about specific plants by pointing your phone at them. It’s also packed with advice and recommendations from gardening experts.

Garden Manager: Plant Alarm

One of the biggest causes of plants dying is because they don’t get enough food or water. This Android-only app makes it easy to keep track of when your plants need to be watered, fertilised, sprayed with pesticide and so on. You can also use it as a photo diary of your favourite plants.


If you’re planning a brand new garden or a significant change to the one you already have, iScape (iOS only) makes it easy to plan the perfect landscape. It’s a paid-for app so the free version is quite basic, but it does still include the core tools needed to bring your ideas to life.

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