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When it comes to curtains it can be tempting to go with an off the shelf solution. But just like a tailored suit is better than one off the rack – made to measure curtains are where you will find the most stylish, functional and long-lasting options. Before you take the off the shelf option read our top reasons made to measure is better. We’re positive once you read the many benefits, you’ll to be a made to measure advocate too.


Perfect Fit

Of course, it is hard to talk about the benefits of made to measure curtains without mentioning the key factor – they are the perfect fit. Sure, off the shelf options come in a variety of sizes and you might even be able to find one which is close to your needs, but nothing will fit quite like a made to measure solution. Just like an off the rack suite might be 90% of the way there the extra 10% from a fitted alternative elevates it to a new level. The need for made to measure is even more evident where there is a recess you need to consider or a radiator or furniture you need to accommodate. For an aesthetic that stands out from the rest, made to measure is the way to go. 


Better Quality and Longer-Lasting

Those who care enough to opt for made to measure curtains exhibit a higher love and passion for home interiors and style. As such, unlike mass-produced off the shelf options, made to measure curtains meet the higher style demands of customers by using premium materials. Made to measure curtains such as those from Great British Interiors are made with love and skill – time and passion that would be wasted working with sub-par materials. Due to the use of better materials, your curtains will also last longer, meaning not only will you enjoy a better aesthetic, but your home can benefit from it for much longer.


Functionality Without Sacrificing Style

When choosing off the shelf curtains, you may find yourself choosing between style and functionality. Perhaps you want something which will keep your home cool during summer and warm during winter. However, when looking for an off the shelf option to meet your needs you may be faced with settling for a pattern, colour or fabric you don’t love. With made to measure curtains you are often given more choice than just picking the perfect measurements. You can find a style you love with the functionality you are looking for too. Here at Great British Interiors our made to measure curtains are bespoke, made to your specification, offering a selection of headings and linings. This means you don’t have to give up on the pattern which perfectly complements your room’s aesthetic to get the functionality you are looking for.


Made to measure curtains are made with a level of skill and passion not found in mass-produced off the shelf options. This passion means not only are the best materials used but you have greater control over the aesthetic. From patterns and materials to lining and headings you can create something that is truly yours. And courtesy of premium materials you can enjoy your aesthetically superior curtains for longer. It’s a win-win. To upgrade your home with made to measure curtains of your own, fill in your details on our free curtain measuring service page. Don’t settle for curtains which only fit “good enough” and don’t offer that “WOW” factor you are looking for. With Great British Interiors, there is no need to compromise – the perfect made to measure curtains are just a few steps away.

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