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Nina Irish Dionisio

2022-05-12 09:00:00

You can never tell when an accident may occur; that is why it is important to keep a first aid kit handy to prepare you for whatever mishap that might occur. Also, you want to make sure that your first aid kit is properly stocked so that you can be well prepared in handling whatever form of emergency and can respond more quickly as well.

First aid kits can come in different kinds depending on the type of activity and location. Whether your first aid kit is a home or travel kit, it may be necessary for you to create your own first aid kit checklist. Here are some essentials that should be present when making your first aid kit checklist.


This contains anti-inflammatory properties that can provide pain relief. Common types of analgesic are aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

Antibiotic cream

This treatment, which is usually topical in nature is applied to minimize the risks of infection. Examples of antibiotic creams are Neosporin and Polysporin.


This is used to prevent or reduce the symptoms of allergy such as itching, runny nose or watery eyes.


This is necessary for disinfecting and cleaning wound. Examples of antiseptic are alcohol solution and hydrogen peroxide.


Make sure that you have adequate supply of adhesive and elastic bandages as well as adhesive tape, gauze pads, moleskin and safety pins.


This can help improve breathing as well as clear stuffy nose.


This helps relieve different types of skin discomfort such as dryness, inflammation, itching and redness.

Instant Cold Packs

These are easily applied for emergency purposes in which cold therapy is usually required. Instant cold packs can also minimize swelling as well.

Space Blanket

These little blankets that come in handy can spell a huge difference in case of fire, hypothermia or shock.

Other accessories

These items include eye drops, latex gloves, mouthpiece, scissors, thermometer and tweezers.

Furthermore, make sure that the items in your first aid checklist are clean and safe to sue. Check the medicines for their expiry date as well. Do not forget to update your first aid checklist once in a while to see items that may be running out or those that you may be missing yet.

Keep in mind that a well-stock first aid kit can do a long way when handling emergency situations. So have your first aid checklist always ready and updated.

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