Your North East B2B e-magazine

Limited to 50 advertisers only - make sure that your business is featured in the Your North East B2B e-magazine.

  • Extensively shared across our social media and business groups.
  • Inform others about the benefits of your business with an article and advert mix.
  • Massive exposure for very little investment.
  • Created for B2B businesses only.
  • Limited to one business per category.
  • Your business featured for 1 year.
  • Just £200 per year.
  • Can you afford to miss out? 

Click to secure your full page placement or your double page placement  today. 

Your North East B2B Edition

Do you want to get your business in front of thousands of other business owners in the North East?

The B2B E-magazine of Your North East is the perfect vehicle to make it happen. For a very small investment in your business, you will get a full year of exposure across Facebook, Instagram, FB Groups, YouTube, and more.

To get involved is really simple, just secure your place today by clicking ‘I Want In’ or ‘I Doubly Want In’, and a member of the Your North East team will be in touch to help you create your advert for you and discuss your business needs.

If you would like a double-page advert or would like your business article featured on our website and the in the B2B e-magazine you can secure your place today. 

If you have any questions for Your North East, call Kevin on 0191 6290191.

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